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Have you registered your domain name?

A domain name is an address for your website.
Like your home or business address, every
domain name is unique. You can have the same
domain name,  but with a different extension like
When registering a domain name using the
.com extension which is the most popular. It is  
wise to register several other extensions like
.net, .mobi, or .org before your competition does.

Choose a domain name that is relevant to the
product or service you are offering and is easy to
remember like or

To get more exposure for your business buy
more than one domain name that relates to your
business and use the additional domain names
to link to your main website.

Also don't forget that the Internet is global so you
may want to register                               domain
names such as, (UK), .de (Germany),
.asia (Asia), .ca (Canada) .in (India), etc.
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