The role of a web hosting company is to
provide 24/7 connection to the Internet. Web
hosting stores and maintains files of your
website. So choosing the right web hosting
company is crucial to the success of your
website. Cost is always a consideration, but
you will also need to consider other factors
including support, uptime, security, servers,
disk space, etc.

With so many web hosting packages to
choose from, making a comparison of the
features, rates and quality of service is
important to get the best value for your money.

Disk space is the physical space that a
website occupies on the server – which
holds all the files that your site is composed
of. Some hosting companies limit the
amount of disk space that you can use. If you
have a site with a lot of images and/or
videos, you will need a lot more disk space.
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Bandwidth is the amount of traffic which your website
receives. Bandwidth is typically measured in Gigabytes.
For example, a letter in a web page will take up one byte.
A typical photo can take up about one kilobyte and videos
or other multimedia files can take millions of bytes. Make
sure that your web hosting provider can support the traffic
and the amount of data passing through your network.
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